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Pre-sale service

Provisions for product service in the case of the warranty period of the Company manufacture, installation and quality problems, the company responsible for free repair or replacement.

We provide free maintenance for 1 year after delivery, problems during this time of internal quality equipment to the site by the company responsible for the maintenance and commissioning. Replacement costs and maintenance costs occurring defective parts by the company to bear, resulting in other losses, it will independently undertake.

After-sales service

After delivery of the goods, the company will be product tracking service. Marketing Department set up a special customer file cards and telephone complaints, to better provide satisfactory services for customers. I am in the annual summer and winter professional service personnel sent to the user side return visit and assist the user in product maintenance and repair. If the product quality problems, we after receiving the user of any kind of notification, the province eight hours, 24 hours outside the province rushed to the scene and to work immediately, or free repair or replace the product, as the case may be, in order to achieve customer requirement. In addition, the company also has offices in major cities high, to the fastest time of the scene.

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