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How to know Bluetooth Speaker Sound Quality?

Time: 24, 06 2021 Views: 267

Generally, people have a question. How do I know Bluetooth Speaker sound quality without testing? Now, Ozzie will tell people how to know Bluetooth speaker sound quality

There are 4 parameters that can help us know that a speaker will sound good, even without having previously heard it: 1. output power, 2. frequency range, 3. Bluetooth Version and 4. Impedance.

How to know Bluetooth Speaker Sound Quality?(图1)

1. Speaker output power: When you choose Bluetooth speaker, the output power is the most important specification. In normal circumstances, the greater the power, the louder the sound. And the signal and noise ratio need get to 80 dB. Usually the power of Bluetooth speakers on the market is basically 10-15W, which is enough for our daily use.

2. Frequency Range: The vibration frequency range that the human ear can feel is about 20-20000 Hz. If wireless speakers cannot transmit signals across the entire audible spectrum, there will be sounds that we would miss. Therefore, the larger the frequency range covered by the Bluetooth speaker, the clearer we will perceive the sound.
3. Bluetooth Version: The latest Bluetooth version is 5.2. Although the new version of Bluetooth can be compatible with the old version, the new Bluetooth functions below version 4.0 will be missing. Therefore, when buying Bluetooth speakers, the Bluetooth version should be above 4.0

4. Impedance: The resistance in ohms is treated with the passage of electric current and is related to the power. The higher that resistance, the lower the power with which the speaker emits. Not to complicate things, just remember that lower the impedance, the better the quality of the sound.