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When battery is discharged

Time: 24, 06 2021 Views: 212

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Mobile power, also called "external battery", "battery", "battery", "digital charging companion", "charged Bao" and "mobile power" the concept is that with the popularity of digital products and the rapid growth to the development of, the definition is: easy to carry portable power supply. For digital products feature increasingly diverse, the use of more frequent, more and more closely associated with our daily life, how to improve use of digital products, convenience to people's lives and the importance of timely power, maximize function is all the more urgent. Xun-CWS mobile power, is designed to tackle and solve this problem the best solution, carry a mobile power supply, it can be recharged anytime, anywhere for a variety of digital products.

Power bank|China suppliers System means that the discharge rate of the battery discharge forms, discharge, termination voltage, and temperature.

"Guangyu" VRLAB discharge is divided into the following three phases.

A) Battery voltage float charging plunged by open circuit voltage, voltage to fell to 2.13 per cent from 2.23V at this time, so the process is shifted from the float charge voltage open circuit voltage, not the actual open circuit voltage, so the decline particularly fast.

B)Beginning on open circuit voltage, the battery voltage declines steadily under normal conditions battery to discharge at between 1.80-No. 2.06 is a smooth transition period and steady decline in battery voltage.

C) When the battery reaches a voltage of 1.80V, if continue to discharge, the discharge rate, which also belongs to the batteries during the discharge process, if a discharge occurs, you have time to charge the battery, or cause battery sulphation, restoring capacity will lead to great difficulties. Power bank|China suppliers