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How to choose a good waterproof speaker

Time: 24, 06 2021 Views: 214

1, the original monopoly, good after-sales service, volume is not empty sign, long service time. Don't let cheap buy imitation goods! Shanzhai mobile power there is risk of explosion! ;

2, selected more than a four-light or electronic power products, which are managed with software, acquired a new layer of protection, using a more secure.

3, do not choose the higher-priced, genuine mobile power of the same capacity, production cost is about the same, but in a different brand positioning, resulting in a large retail price;

4, too cheap, unreliable, and now many of fake and shoddy products on the Web, volume deficiency for many, it looks like a bargain, actually not only quality assurance, capacity less than half;

5, buy several mobile power will ask the question:

A. its recharge time how long?

B. how long to charge my IPAD needs it? power bank china manufacturer

These three questions are in order to estimate the volume there is no deficiency, the input current there is no deficiency, the output current there is no deficiency! There is no need to disassemble mobile power supply can be verified;

6, not too much capacity, can fully charge a night as well, this will not affect the next day with one. Really need high capacity, it is better to buy two more convenient;

7, if there is a way to clear, select three cathode material of steel-core, such as the 18650-type of this polymer battery steel shell and soft packs are as safe and fault rates are also lower. Because

of soft polymer batteries susceptible to deformation and impact performance;  power bank china manufacturer

8 steel shell, lithium cobalt oxide cathode material of batteries, not the best, one of the worst safety and explosion before this. (Now the country's five largest giant batteries, especially Samsung and Sanyo, have all been without lithium cobalt oxide for the positive electrode, using ternary materials)