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Time: 24, 06 2021 Views: 241

Short battery life is the smart wear products the problems  With "smart wear" concept, an increasing number of devices such as smart watches, smart glasses appeared in front of us, in addition to feeling outside the rapid changes in technology, careful user might find a problem--the shorter the battery life of the device, for example the famous glass battery life under normal conditions of use of less than 5 hours. Even hands with intelligent devices such as smart bracelet watches, its battery life at best and only Smartphone flat wanted compared with traditional digital watch battery life, is

not a grade, battery life is measured in years of the latter. It can be said that short battery life is intelligent wear product defects, Samsung battery manufacturers are also common problem many consumer electronic products: before that we'll figure out the concept of battery--battery life refers to the so-called electronic products but it is plugged in the adapter's case, by itself is equipped with batteries that can be sustained by the running time. To currently consumption class electronic products of status view, battery range time General not let people satisfaction--mainstream notebook computer of actual using time only 2-3 hours, flat computer of film play time about for 10 hours, MP3 audio play time about for 10 several hours, smart phone of standby time about for 2-3 days--frequently to charging, and for battery is pieces trouble thing, like phone like of communications tool, in calls in the power brings of effects is cannot measure of.

Analysis of smart wearable devices battery, most lithium-ion batteries, we often find an electrical outlet or dragged around charging, mobile power running situation all over the world. But due to the natural properties of smart wearable devices-and easy to "wear", so the device's battery is not too big, otherwise it is not conducive to "wear". At present, in the field of lithium-ion batteries is still not much of a technological breakthrough, extend the battery life tends to mean cell volume increases. It can be said that battery life has become of smart wearable devices "bottleneck".

So, is smart wear equipment of battery range time on no drug can saved has does? actually does not needs so pessimistic, wants to wants to wear equipment of originator--watches, from traditional of mechanical watches, and to quartz electronic watches, and again to light kinetic energy watches, its range time

is increasingly long has: manipulator table Shang full clockwork zhihou can go 36 hours; quartz watches can go two or three years; light kinetic energywatches more is can go 20 years. Perhaps put aside has been a bit behind the lithium battery, smart wearable device with long battery life time: such as using eco-drive – eco-drive watch can learn from this example, eco-drive watches to absorb any light source and transform it into kinetic drive watch run. Dynamic master table light's rechargeable batteries are used in long-life rechargeable batteries (service life up to 20 years), can

be transformed into a variety of light energy into electrical energy was also used non-crystalline solar cells, in the case of the problem does not occur in the process can live 20 years or more.